Data recovery

Simply the greatest data recovery experts in the Tri-State area. With our many years of experience in data recovery we have all the resources and knowledge required to help get back your lost or corrupted data. In today’s world losing important data can cost you time and money, depending on what kind of datd was lost, this could be catastrophic for your business as well. No matter what kind of data may have been lost or damaged, you want it back.

We here at Data Recovery Center have the tools to help you retrieve lost data in most cases. Sometimes it could be as simple as replacing a small part in your hard drive, or it may require some special software to return your data to its previous state. In some cases, we may even be able to recover your data remotely via the internet.This is the simplest way we can retrieve data for you, in most cases it may just be a matter of using the correct software on your lost data.

Whether you’ve lost pictures, documents, or any other kind of data, we will recover it and return it to you. Sometimes what you have stored on your computer can be sentimentally precious or financially important, so lost data can be the difference between a mortgage payment or an eviction. It is vital you retrieve your lost information as quickly as possible, and here at Data Recovery Center, we will do all we can to get you back your data.


We highly recommend you do your research before sending your data/drive to “just any company” you find online.   Truth of the matter is — most companies that advertise Data Recovery Services aren’t trained or properly qualified to handle your data properly.   Even worse — most cannot work on “physical” recoveries (though they will tell you they can) hoping that your drive is a simple fix with data recovery software.